Gamut Media is a design studio and print company established in 2009. Although our basic function is to design and print, our objective is to transform a vision into a reality through unique and creative design solutions.  We sit individually with our clients to map out a plan for their marketing and determine what they would like to achieve through our products. We strive to help our clients identify their brand positioning and focus on building a brand identity tailored to their vision. Once the design aesthetic is established, we then incorporate our expertise in printing by proposing the best materials to optimize the design.

Our portfolio is extremely diverse in our clientele and our products and projects range from custom wall mural graphics for Lakers’ Metta World Peace’s new restaurant to branding campaigns for major car companies.  Our creativity in design and print offer a fresh and modern twist that stands out from our competitors providing our client’s with the assurance of differentiation in a highly competitive market. 

In our industry it is rare to find a business like Gamut Media. We are a young group, incredibly dedicated and committed to what we do for our clientele. Our objective is to transform ordinary materials into products that can help other businesses succeed. We are confident that our success will be followed by the success of our clients and hope that we can inspire other small businesses to continue to pursue their dreams.